Hillary Clinton Slams Iraqi President and ‘Dysfunctional’ Government

Hillary Clinton (AP Photo)
Hillary Clinton (AP Photo)

Warning that the United States doesn’t want to fight Iraq’s internal battle, Hillary Clinton on Friday blasted the Mideast nation’s “dysfunctional” government and said the battle there has “global consequences.”

Clinton made the comments, her most robust on the deteriorating situation in Iraq, at an event in Washington D.C. to promote her new book, “Hard Choices.”

“This has implications far beyond what if anything we think we can and should do to try to stave off a total collapse of the [Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki-helmed] government,” Clinton said.

“The requests that Maliki is making to [President Obama] to provide support, I know, are being carefully considered, but I think it’s also imperative that Maliki be presented with a set of conditions if you are even to discuss seriously any kind of military support for the fight against the jihadists,” she said.

“That’s a delicate and difficult task for our government because we certainly don’t want to fight their fight,” Clinton said.

“Because you’d be fighting for a dysfunctional, unrepresentative, authoritarian government and there’s no reason on earth that I know of that we would ever sacrifice a single American life for that.”

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