Heart & Soul Magazine Still Owes Thousands of Dollars to Writers


After a Year, Only Half of Promised Settlement Paid

More than a year after the National Writers Union and representatives of Heart & Soul magazine agreed that a dozen freelance writers and editors would collect more than $125,000 in unpaid fees, the health and wellness magazine has paid only about half of what it promised, according to the union.

“We are still fighting to get our second grievance resolved,” Larry Goldbetter, union president, told Journal-isms by email on Wednesday. “So far we’ve collected over $60k for 12 writers, about half of what the settlement calls for. We have a third group waiting in the wings. Please send any interested folks my way.”

Asked to explain the second grievance, Goldbetter wrote, “The second grievance is the group of 12 women we have been representing for about 2 years now. There is a third group that is not a part of this settlement, who we will pursue after we have made sure this settlement is honored.”

Allegra Bennett, who describes herself as a contractor doing business as a writing and editing consultancy, told her Facebook friends Wednesday that she was so frustrated that she had to go public.

“Such a shame to say this but I must,” Bennett wrote. “If Heart & Soul magazine contacts you to write for them be prepared not to get paid. Their business model appears to be theft of services. The CEO’s way of addressing writers he owes money is to ignore them. This is a public service announcement.”

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