Ex-Muslim Sues First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa for Publishing News of his Baptism; Says it Led to his Torturing on Trip to Syria

First Presbyterian Church, Tulsa, OK
First Presbyterian Church, Tulsa, OK

A former Muslim who converted to Christianity has filed a civil lawsuit against a Tulsa church, arguing that leaders endangered his life by publishing his baptism announcement.

The man, only identified as John Doe, filed the suit this week against First Presbyterian Church and its pastor.

According to the lawsuit, the man is a native of Syria who lives in Oklahoma. The lawsuit says the man was attacked on a trip to Syria after the church published a notice of his baptism online. The suit says the man was beaten and tortured for days before he escaped.

The man’s lawyer, Keith Ward, says the case is unusual but that the man’s injuries are well-documented. The church said in a statement to the Tulsa World that it followed proper procedures.

SOURCE: Associated Press

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