Fox News’ Juan Williams Says Justin Bieber Isn’t Really Serious About His Christian Faith

(Anthony Harvey/Getty)
(Anthony Harvey/Getty)

During a roundtable discussion about Justin Bieber’s numerous offensive acts, Fox News co-hosts on “The Five” questioned the motives behind the pop-star’s recent baptism, and suggested that his lifestyle reveals that he doesn’t care about the Bible at all.

Guest co-host Juan Williams asserted that Bieber isn’t really serious about his Christian faith, despite newspaper claims that he’s getting serious about God.

“This quote was in the paper today: ‘Justin is serious about his Christian faith.’ How ridiculous. … Even if you’re saying, ‘I’m reborn, as a Christian,’ do you really believe that about Justin Bieber — that he’s studying the Bible; that he cares about the Bible; that he cares about anything but Justin Bieber? asked Williams.

“All he cares about it is teen rebellion. … I can go to a whore house in Brazil; I can egg my neighbor’s house and get away with it,” Williams added, naming various incidents that reveal Bieber’s un-Christianlike behaviors.

The Christian Post reported Monday that the 20-year-old Canadian singer attended a Bible study and was baptized by pastor Carl Lentz at Hillsong Church in New York City, after two videos surfaced that show Bieber using the n-word and making racist comments.

After the first video of Bieber using the word in a tape created five years ago came to light, he issued a public apology.

When the singer faced public scrutiny and questions about him being a racist, he turned to his Christian faith, according to TMZ.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Melissa Barnhart

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