What Tim Russert Taught His Son, Luke Russert, About Life, Hardwork, and Fatherhood

Luke Russert, Tim Russert (Getty Images)
Luke Russert, Tim Russert (Getty Images)

Luke Russert is the son of the legendary journalist Tim Russert. Tim was the moderator of “Meet the Press;” a news/interview show that is the longest running program in television history.

Tim passed away in 2008, but his son Luke followed in his father’s footsteps and became an NBC News Correspondent. Luke had no professional experience beforehand but has proven himself as an exceptional journalist by asking the tough and controversial questions from politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel. He has covered important political events such as the 2008 presidential election, the 2011 scandal with Rep. Anthony Weiner, and filed a report for “Dateline” regarding the possible wrongful conviction of Jon-Adrian Velazquez that received an Emmy award in 2012. Luke was raised in the Catholic Church and continues his faith while working in the media.

Luke’s relationship with his father was very strong. His father kept his priorities straight by putting his family first even with his demanding schedule. Tim had the luxury to break away from the job for a couple hours during the day and would spend that time going to his son’s sports games. Tim rarely missed Luke’s events. He knew his schedule, his friends, and what his son’s day was going to look like. One of the largest things that Luke learned from his father was that, “You are always loved but you are not always entitled.” Tim taught Luke that success comes from hard work.

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SOURCE: The 700 Club

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