Ex-Wife of Wess Morgan, Betsy Morgan, Says She Is Not Bitter But Is Angry for Her Kids

Betsy Morgan
Betsy Morgan

Oretha Winston’s interview with Betsy Morgan.

E8: Why did you take to social media?

Betsy Morgan: First I like to say, though I was married to him for years, I thought we had a good co-parenting relationship. Sure we had disagreements. But I thought we had a good parenting relationship. I have no desire to be with Wess Morgan whatsoever. I am not the bitter ex-wife who wants him back. I am furious, flaming, raging angry for my kids. If someone messes with my kids I am coming for you. What he did was unforgivable. I can’t comprehend how a man who is in the pulpit can do one thing and say another. I don’t understand. There’s no reasoning for it. They were treated as if they didn’t exist. I am like a momma bear over her cubs. I am just so angry.

E8: What triggered your anger. What is this all about?

Betsy Morgan: My children have had to deal with the innuendo, talk and rumors of their father’s marriage. How can a man not seek the blessing of his children when he gets married? He never talked about it . There was no clue. How his parents who are my children’s grandparents and pastors didn’t make him tell his children is beyond me. Why as an adult could he not sit down and have a discussion about it, instead of his children finding out not from him? My babies loved their dad. My children drove to see him in rehab when they were small. They had Easter Sunday egg hunts steps away from where people were in rehab to be with their dad.They supported and loved their dad. We were together in the peaks and valleys. My son just got accepted to camp and like any other young man he would love to share that with his father. He can’t. That option is not there now. Now, they are hurt. Now they don’t want to talk to him. They knew he was dating her. He lived in two house. (Editor’s note: Wess, lived outside the family house where the children grew up).

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Oretha Winston

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