Pastor Behnam Irani Beaten In Iranian Prison and Taken to Unknown Location

Pastor Behnam Irani  (via
Pastor Behnam Irani

A human rights organization has learned that Pastor Behnam Irani, sentenced in 2011 to six years imprisonment on political charges, was beaten in prison and transferred to an unknown location in the early hours of June 7.

According to a news release from Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), Irani was summoned by Judge Mohammad Yari, Chief of the Sixth Chamber of the Revolutionary Tribunal at 6:30 am on June 7.

As the summons appeared irregular and contrary to judicial process, Irani rejected it and wrote a letter of protest.

However, at 9 am, CSW said VEVAK intelligence agents entered his prison cell and beat him before he was taken to see Yari. He was subsequently transferred to an unknown location.

The assault on Irani is the latest of several reports in recent weeks of Iranian authorities using excessive violence against prisoners of conscience.

CSW said Irani is the leader of the Church of Iran congregation in Karaj. He was initially arrested in Dec. 2006, and was sentenced in 2011 to six years imprisonment on charges of “action against the state” and “action against the order.”

Two weeks ago, Irani’s Bible and other Christian literature was confiscated by authorities. Recent events have prompted concerns that authorities may be planning to add charges to his existing sentence.

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Jeremy Reynalds

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