Sudan’s Appeals Court Begins Hearings In Case of Christian Woman, Meriam Ibrahim

Meriam Ibrahim has been sentenced to 100 lashes as well as death by hanging
Meriam Ibrahim has been sentenced to 100 lashes as well as death by hanging

Sudan’s appeals court is considering the case of Meriam Ibrahim, as she awaits the death sentence for apostasy despite assurances from the country’s government that she would be freed.

Daniel Wani, Ibrahim’s husband, was notified on Thursday that the appeals court is deliberating the case, he told CNN. If the sentence is not overturned, Ibrahim will be subjected to 100 lashes and hanged.

Only the appeals court will be able to overturn the ruling, Wani said, despite statements from the Sudanese government that Ibrahim would be freed. The appeal claims that the court that tried her committed procedural errors, her lawyer told Associated Press.

Last week, Sudanese officials suggested that Ibrahim would be freed “in a few days’ time”, but her lawyers have said that nothing has changed and the announcement was a response to the growing international campaign.

Wani, who is an American citizen, has asked US officials to expedite Ibrahim’s asylum process in case she is freed. Their family’s lives are likely to be under threat if they stay in Sudan if she is released, he said.

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SOURCE: The Independent
Andrew Griffin

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