Ex-Wife Calls Out Pastor and Christian Singer Wess Morgan on Social Media for Reportedly Being Unfaithful In Their Marriage, Divorcing, and Remarrying

Wess Morgan
Wess Morgan

Wess Morgan of “He Paid It All” fame, and ex-wife Betsy Morgan will not be best friends in life. Wess has had a life filled with struggle. Wess Morgan grew up a preacher’s kid but took a wrong road.

He tells people, “I lived in a healthy environment. I had a true example of Godly people. I had a loving mother and father, but I still got off track — I got sideswiped.”

Well this week, there was a bit of a social media fender bender when, Dove Award Winning Gospel Music Artist and Pastor, Wess Morgan confirmed he married his second wife in January of this year via social media. The singer married Danielle Walker and is expecting their child.

This all sounds normal. Right?

Wess posted the following to his Instagram


That seems simple enough. Right? Well, nope not nearly as simple.

His ex wife responded by saying:


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Claudia Tabitha

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