Christian Singles, Don’t Get Stuck In “the Waiting Zone”

(© Istockphoto/digitalskillet; chuwy; IsaacLKoval)
(© Istockphoto/digitalskillet; chuwy; IsaacLKoval)

I just really want to be a wife and mom,” said the pre-med college student who had come over for tea. She wanted to chat about her career options and her new boyfriend—and she was much more excited about the boyfriend than a possible medical degree.

I said the same thing during my early single years, and I’ve heard the same thing over and over from many young women. So many women, particularly Christian women, envision the house, the kids, the loving husband, the dog and the yard. They long for the days filled with baking cookies, raising kids and greeting their husband at the door after a long day’s work—a Leave It to Beaver episode that plays and replays in their minds.

And, you know, there’s nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, it’s perfectly natural for women to daydream about weddings and husbands and kids. The problem comes when that is all we dream about, when our dreams end at the altar and we think the wedding alone is our destiny.

You were made for more than a ring.

Wake Up to the Real “More”

I remember the day I was, for the 400th time, bemoaning my singlehood. A good friend challenged me: “Nicole, what else do you want to be besides a wife? What does your life look like outside of the home?”

I sat dumb. I couldn’t answer her! I always knew in my head that life was multifaceted, but I realized deep down that I was hoping a husband would be my panacea, my savior—not only from loneliness but also from purposelessness and boredom.

My friend’s question challenged me, and the Holy Spirit began to speak to me: “A husband will never give you purpose. Your life is about more than being a wife. Simply being a wife will never fulfill you.”

That sobered me and propelled me to take hold of the garment of Jesus and beseech Him. I cried out, “What have You called me to do? What have You made me to do? What can I do uniquely that no one else can do?”

That day I realized that even though I desperately wanted to get married, my life was meant to be about more than domestic bliss—and the same is true for you.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Nicole Doyley

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