Kirsten Powers’ Conversion from Atheism to Christianity Is an Amazing One, But She’s Still Wrong on the Bible and Homosexuality

Kirsten Powers
Kirsten Powers

It is wonderful to read the account of Kirsten Powers’ conversion from atheism to Christianity. But that doesn’t make her into a Bible scholar or theologian, and Powers has made some grave errors in her recent article on “Christianity’s new look on gays.”

She begins by asking the question, “Could there be a future where most American Christians support same-sex relationships?”

The obvious answer is, “Only if these Christians renounce the Word of God and the God of the Word.”

But that is not how she answers her question. Instead, she writes, “If so, it will be due to the emergence of conservative Christians who say orthodox believers can support lifelong, monogamous gay relationships without undermining their commitment to biblical authority.”

This is a truly unfortunate statement, as riddled with self-contradictions as it is with theological fallacies.

In short, the only way a professing Christian “can support lifelong, monogamous gay relationships” is by ceasing to be a conservative Christian, ceasing to be an orthodox believer, and completely undermining their commitment to biblical authority.

Not surprisingly, Powers leans on the recent work of Matthew Vines (whom she wrongly calls evangelical) and Professor James Brownson, claiming that both of them “hold a ‘high view’ of Scripture, meaning it is the final authority on all matters of faith and life.”

But that is patently false, since both Vines and Brownson know that the Bible never provides a single positive reference to homosexuality, that the Bible explicitly endorses heterosexual marriage alone and that every reference to homosexual practice in the Bible is decidedly negative.

How then can they claim that the Bible is the final authority for them in matters of faith and life?

The fact is that they can’t. The highest authority for them is personal experience, which is why both Brownson and Vines start their books with their personal stories. In the case of Brownson, it is his own son coming out as gay. In the case of Vines, it is his realization that he was same-sex attracted.

That is the true starting point for both authors, based on which God’s Word is now reinterpreted in light of their experience.

This is the guaranteed path to deception.

Powers notes that Brownson says, “The issue of sexual orientation represents new data that the church needs to ask itself, ‘Should this change the way we look at this?’ ”

So, the “new data” that the church now has is the contemporary, post-sexual revolution understanding of “sexual orientation” (a tenuous concept indeed), and based on this, we are now supposed to throw out two-thousand years of biblical interpretation, not a syllable of which is challenged by this “new data.”

Clearly, the Bible is not the final authority for Vines and Brownson in matters of faith and life, and that’s why almost the vast majority of biblical scholars and theologians who embrace their position are liberal-leaning (or completely liberal) in their theology. In contrast, the vast majority of biblical scholars and theologians who reject their position are strongly conservative in their theology.

Powers should step back and ask herself why that is the case.

More importantly, Powers should ask herself if the Jesus whom Vines and Brownson preach is the Jesus of the Bible, the Son of God who looked into the heart and soul of every person He met and, as John 2:25 tells us, knew what was in man.

Gay Christianity tells us that Jesus did not really know what was in people’s hearts; He did not really know who they were to the core of their being because He, like everyone else from Adam and Eve until the last few decades, didn’t understand sexual orientation.

Such a proposal is as ridiculous as it is sacrilegious. Jesus didn’t know? Seriously?

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Michael Brown

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  1. Biblegod has no problem killing homosexuals and commands this. I’m glad that Christians cherry pick and don’t promote sadistic Biblical responses to homosexuality. Christianity is disgusting. “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13).

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