Twitter Buys Namo Media to Improve Ad Display Experience


Twitter has acquired a San Francisco firm called Namo Media in a bid to strengthen its ad-tech business, particularly in the area of native advertising.

Namo Media is an advertising product that helps app developers run native in-stream ads in the midst of their app, creating revenue opportunities without putting off new and existing users.

Specifically, the start-up’s “adaptive templates” are designed to help developers build ads that look similar to the rest of the content being displayed in the app.

Namo Media, backed by venture capital firms like Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, is closing down its standalone operation and integrating into the MoPub platform that Twitter acquired last year.

Twitter has increasingly been attempting to boost its profits by building banners and ads into user’s Twitter streams in favour of Tweets.

The lastest move suggests Twitter wants to make some of these adverts more conspicuous in a bid to prevent user’s getting frustrated with blatantly obvious adverts.

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SOURCE: Sam Shead 
Techworld / Infoworld

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