LISTEN: Roland Martin Talks to Pastor Jamal Bryant About Controversial Chris Brown Lyrics in Sermon

Roland S. Martin
Roland S. Martin

Roland Martin talks to Pastor Jamal D. Bryant after a controversial line in a sermon he preached a month ago, has caught wind and offended many.

Titled “I’m My Enemies Worst Nightmare: Part 1″,  Bryant references singer Chris Brown popular song “Loyal” and recites the songs chorus, ‘these hoes ain’t loyal’ in the pulpit.

“I’m shocked because out of 29 minutes I affirm women and their dreams and the influence they have on their men…I made a comment referencing a song by Chris Brown that has become the proverbial fly in the soup ,” Bryant says.

Despite the backlash, Pastor Bryant still feels as if we all have to be on the same page regarding the offensive word.

“If the h-word is bad for our young girls in church, then it has to be a consistency. It’s got to be bad in music we play,” he continues.

Do you think Pastor Bryant apologized about his use of the line? We’ve got the answer!

Click here to listen

Source: Black America Web | 

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