Two Georgia Inmates Caught Having Sex in Jail

Inmates Jasmine Jones and Norris Speed
Inmates Jasmine Jones and Norris Speed

Faulty locks and lengthy incarceration – not to mention having a planned rendezvous interrupted by a guard – are reasons two Fulton County inmates are in a boatload of trouble. And that’s on top of the issues that got them jailed in the first place.

Norris Speed and Jasmine Jones had been in the the Fulton County jail since 2011 and it appears they finally let temptation get the best of ‘em.

In an official incident report obtained by The Atlanta Journal Constitution on Monday it appears Sheriff Deputy Michael Watts’ interrupted the rendezvous between cop-killer Norris Speed and murder suspect Jasmine Jones.

The two horny inmates were caught in Speed’s cell doin’ the do.

Jones, who had been booked into the facility in 2011 on murder and robbery charges, admitted to consensual sex with Speed, who was sentenced to death for the murder of Atlanta police Officer Niles Johangten in 1991. He had returned to the facility in July 2011 for a series of ongoing hearings about the case, according to sheriff spokeswoman Tracy Flanagan.

They had both been in the facility’s medical wing on May 26, when Jones was let out of her cell to shower. She was spotted by old acquaintance Speed, who admitted to investigators that he had jimmied his lock to make a phone call, saw Jones and talked her into joining him for a quickie.

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Source: EURWeb

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