How the Murder of Jack Graham’s Father Took Him Into the Unseen World of Spiritual War


In his father’s hospital room, amid the whir and thunk of life support equipment, a young Jack Graham squeezed the hand of his dad — his hero — as he had repeatedly over the last days. This time, though, and only this time, he felt the tiniest squeeze in return, one last response from Thomas Benjamin Graham before his Lord took him home.

But the horrific events that put father and son in the hospital room in Fort Worth, Texas, opened a door to an unseen spiritual war, one waged beyond the church’s familiar teachings on salvation and personal evangelism and rebellion and sin. For many, including Jack Graham, church and faith existed in the natural realm and “Spirit-led anything was relegated to the snake-handlers at the church down the street.”

But that was before a thief bludgeoned his father with a hammer outside the hardware store he managed, and before the young preacher went to a hospital chapel, emotionally broken, asking the biggest question in life: Why Father, why did this happen?

The search for answers took Graham deep into this unseen world, a world that clearly exists in the Bible but one that is unfamiliar to many professing Christians. Is Satan real or merely a representation of evil? Is the Holy Spirit a true part of the Trinity or just a symbol of God’s presence?

For Graham, the existence of the supernatural world is unmistakable, stirring led him to write “Unseen: Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell and Winning the Battle for Eternity” (Bethany House Publishers, 2013), his latest book and the one he calls his most important.

“There’s more to life than what we see,” Graham said. “And the world as we know it, as we see it, is passing away. But the invisible world with angels, demons, heaven and hell is forever.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Berta Delgado-Young

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