Woman Who Had Not Walked In 4 Years Is Healed During Texas Church Service

Marie and Bill Cribbs (center) stand with Paul and Ruth Ai and Marie's empty wheelchair. (Godreports)
Marie and Bill Cribbs (center) stand with Paul and Ruth Ai and Marie’s empty wheelchair. (Godreports)

A woman who had not walked in four years was healed last month during a service at Magnolia Church in Port Neches, Texas.

Marie Cribbs has been wheelchair-bound for four years due to complications from diabetes, two bouts of breast cancer and psoriatic arthritis, according to Godreports.

“She had chemotherapy and whenever the chemo left her system her arthritis came back in a fury and left every one of her joints inflamed,” her husband, Bill, explains. “It made it very hard for her to move, and, because of that, her whole body degenerated, and it was impossible for her to walk.”

Bill has cared for Marie for the last four years.

“My whole body was almost shut down,” Marie says. “I couldn’t lift my arms or my legs or do anything. My husband had to take care of everything. I was in extreme pain.”

Though Marie has not been able to attend church regularly due to her condition, she made a decision to go on May 4, when Magnolia Church hosted a special guest speaker, Paul Ai.

“I’m going to go,” she told Bill. “I feel like something is going to happen.”

Ai, founder of Vision Outreach International, is known as “the Apostle Paul of Vietnam.” A former witchdoctor, he came to Christ during the Vietnam War with the help of American missionaries.

Ai has spent 10 years in communist prisons due to his faith. He currently plants churches in South Asia from a base in Cambodia.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Gina Meeks

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