Donald Sterling Reportedly Asks Another Black Mistress, Maiko Maya King, ‘Why Would You Bring Black (Babies) Into the World?’

Maiko Maya King was subjected to even worse streams of hate from Donald Sterling, she alleges in lawsuit.
Maiko Maya King was subjected to even worse streams of hate from Donald Sterling, she alleges in lawsuit.

A second Black mistress of  billionaire Donald Sterling has filed a lawsuit against the former Los Angeles Clippers owner, claiming that he subjected her to even worse racial and sexual outbursts than what he said to his most famous side chick, V. Stiviano.

V. Stiviano, of course, is the woman who caused Sterling’s NBA empire to come crumbing down after she secretly (and illegally) taped his racist stream of consciousness about Black people and released it to popular entertainment blog TMZ.

Maiko Maya King, 40, had a romantic relationship with Sterling between 2005 and 2011 and was later fired as his assistant when she rejected “a stream of racist and sexist taunts,” reported.

She also claims Sterling said the following, which, incredibly, is even worse than what Sterling said to his first mistress, if you can believe that:

“How could you be married to a Black man?” Sterling allegedly asked her in reference to her former African-American husband.

“Why would you bring Black people into the world?” the 80-year-old billionaire allegedly asked her, referring to her kids with her ex.

Sterling told the woman that “Black people do not take care of their children. All they do is sit home and smoke dope,” TMZ said.

“I want to take you out of the Black world and put you into the White world,” he purportedly told her..

When they had spats, Sterling reportedly told her to “move back to the ghetto with a Black man.”

In addition to being a rabid racist and incorrigible sexist, Sterling was also a pervert and pedophile, according to King’s ex-husband.

“I don’t like the man. She told me all the racist things he said, but he had billions and I was just a stunt man. He broke up my marriage,” King’s ex-husband Wayne King, 49, told the Daily News Monday. King he and Maiko divorced in 2009.

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Source: New Pittsburgh Courier

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