6 People Dead in 2 Homes in 24 Hours in Fort Worth, TX

6 People Dead in 2 Homes in 24 Hours in Fort Worth, TX

In 24 hours, police had six bodies, two homes-turned-crime-scenes and few answers.

The slayings, which appear to be unrelated, occurred in different parts of the city. Police said all six are being investigated as homicides.

The cases could raise the city’s homicide count to 26 for the year. There were 54 homicides in 2013, up from 46 in 2012.

About 8:15 a.m. Tuesday, officers responded to a 911 call at a home in the 500 block of West Felix Street in South Fort Worth after a man called 911.

“They stabbed my family!” a man reported, according to call records. “They killed my family!”

The man told police the victims were his wife and two daughters. The Tarrant County medical examiner identified Cynthia Serrano, 48, and her daughter Kathy DeLeon, 35. Relatives said the third woman was Serrano’s daughter April Serrano, 21.

The causes of death were not listed Tuesday night, and police provided few details, citing the “fresh” investigation. Homicide detectives were reviewing surveillance video from a nearby American Legion. There was no word on a possible suspect or a motive.

Police gave them limited information as well, the family said.

“It’s just a terrible experience. I just hope they find the person that did this,” said Angel Bueno, Cynthia Serrano’s nephew.

Bueno said his aunt sent his wife a text message Monday saying she loved them. That was the last time they communicated.

While homicide detectives worked at the house on Felix Street most of the day, patrol officers remained stationed in the 200 block of Sunset Lane, near White Settlement Road in West Fort Worth, where police had found three bodies Monday.

The medical examiner’s office has identified two of the homicide victims as Ronney Jackson, 57, and David Adams, 50. Both died of gunshot wounds — Adams’ in his head, Jackson’s in his chest.

The third victim, believed to be Jackson’s girlfriend, has not been identified publicly.

Jackson and his girlfriend lived in the home, neighbors said. The couple were quiet and mostly stayed to themselves, but there were suspicions that drugs were being sold at the home, said Richard Barker, who lives two doors down.

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Source: Dallas News | ttsiaperas@dallasnews.com

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