Pastor Mark Batterson Encourages Hispanic Pastors Not to Underestimate the Power of a Single Prayer at LiderVision Conference

Pastor Mark Batterson speaks during LiderVision in Alexandria, Va. (Photo: The Christian Post/Sonny Hong)
Pastor Mark Batterson speaks during LiderVision in Alexandria, Va.
(Photo: The Christian Post/Sonny Hong)

The power of a single prayer is often underestimated, Pastor Mark Batterson of National Community Church in Washington, D.C., said during LiderVision, a Christian leadership conference for Hispanic pastors.

“God can do more in one day than we can accomplish in a thousand lifetimes. One day, God is going to show up and He’s going to show off His power in our lives,” said Batterson during his session on Friday.

Batterson also focused on NCC’s testimony of how the congregation grew to a seven-campus, multi-site church soon after he began to witness the power of God through a consistent, single prayer.

He recounted how he and his wife began the church with 20 people during the 1996 snow blizzard that paralyzed the entire Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for days. For the next five years, he preached every weekend and prayed for growth. One day, God sent a Washington Post reporter their way, says Batterson.

“She interviewed me and said the article would appear in the religion section of the Washington Post, I was pretty excited about that,” he said. “I picked up the paper one morning and looked for the Religion section and we weren’t in there. I was so disappointed so I folded it and put it back on the newsstand and there we were on the front page of the Washington Post … When that article came out, our church doubled and the rest is history.”

In his personal experience, Batterson says he has witnessed how “irregular things” happen on a constant basis when he prays regularly.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Jessica Martinez

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