Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem Vows to Take City Back from ‘Sellout Negros and Demonic Homosexuals’

Image via Joe My God
Image via Joe My God

ATLAH World Missionary Church, the Harlem religious institution best known for its pastor’s peculiar fixation on homosexuality, has put up yet another floridly offensive sign, this one stating the need to “take Harlem back” from both “pinch nose sellout Negros” and “demonic homos.”

In February, ATLAH’s pastor James David Manning briefly attracted worldwide attention with a sign in front of the church that warned that President Obama had loosed “homo demons” upon the black community. He followed with a sign stating the need to “stone homos.”

In the intervening months, Manning continued his relentless schedule of blogging, hosting a virtually non-stop podcast, the Manning Report, as well as many hundreds of lengthy YouTube videos. But he failed to recapture the public’s attention. Now he seems to have returned to his winning formula. Joe Jervis at the popular LGBT blog Joe My God was first to report the new sign, which, as you can see above, is filled with the same spirit of Christ’s love as the previous ones.

Manning has previously railed against the “pinch nose Negro,” which he defined in a May 2013 video as black people who are “alienated from the hood” and attend white people’s parties. He’s also unhappy with black people who do live in the hood, which, in his view, is a hotbed of homosexuality. Only his congregants seem safe from criticism.

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Source: Village Voice | Anna Merlan

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