Sudan Backtracks On Reports that it Would Free Imprisoned Christian, Meriam Ibrahim

Daniel Wani and Meriam Ibrahim
Daniel Wani and Meriam Ibrahim

Sudan’s foreign ministry on Sunday repudiated a pledge the government would order the release of Meriam Ibrahim, the mother sentenced to death for apostasy, warning only the country’s courts could order her freedom.

Western nations including Britain have expressed outrage that Ms Ibrahim, who gave birth to her daughter Maya in prison last week, had been convicted of changing her faith from Islam to Christianity.

Sudanese officials suggested late on Saturday that the 27-year-old was to be released and her death sentence is to be annulled.

But Abu Bakr al-Sideeg, spokesman for the foreign ministry in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, said on Sunday that only the courts had such powers and foreign ministry officials would have no power over Ms Ibrahim’s case.

“[I am] not aware that any release is imminent”, he added.

Her husband, Daniel Wani, a biochemist, has said that he and his wife’s lawyers will continue to pursue official avenues through the courts to have the sentence and the judgment quashed.

Mr Wani, who has dual American-Sudanese citizenship, dismissed the reports as “rumours”.

“No Sudanese or foreign mediator contacted me. Maybe there are contacts between the Sudanese government and foreign sides that I’m not aware of,” Mr Wani told the BBC.

“As far as I’m concerned I will wait for the appeal which my lawyer submitted and I hope that my wife will be released.”

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