Registration Now Open for ERLC’s “The Gospel, Homosexuality and the Future of Marriage” Conference Happening Oct. 27-29

Russell D. Moore
Russell D. Moore

Registration opened June 1 for “The Gospel, Homosexuality and the Future of Marriage,” a national conference Oct. 27-29 sponsored by the SBC Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

Russell D. Moore, as the Southern Baptist Convention’s lead ethicist, said the conference reflects “my primary mission [for] preparing the next generation of evangelical leaders to live in the culture as faithful Christians who are holding to the ancient truths of Christianity, including a bold presentation of the Christian sexual ethic.”

That sexual ethic found in the Bible and taught by the church of Christ for nearly 2,000 years now stands increasingly in disfavor. Americans are more supportive of homosexual rights than ever. Same-sex marriage is making rapid gains in federal courts and state legislatures as well as in public opinion. The movement for transgender rights continues to advance.

The conference, to be held in Nashville, will bring together “leading thinkers and pastors on these issues to help equip a new generation to stand for marriage in tough times, to prepare us to be faithful people of the gospel — with a message of both truth and grace,” Moore said.

According to the ERLC, the conference will address such questions as:

— How can the church minister effectively to those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender?

— How does a Christian with same-sex attraction live in sexual faithfulness?

— Why did God design marriage for the common good?

— How should a pastor counsel a same-sex couple who want to join his church?

— How has the divorce culture affected marriage in churches and communities?

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Tom Strode

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