What We Know About the iPhone 6


Apple has a clear design and manufacturing rhythm to the release of their iPhones. One year they overhaul the look and feel of the phone itself, the next year they overhaul the software. It’s a beat they’ve been following for years now—and it’s one that they should have no reason to stop anytime soon. Fortunately, 2014 is a hardware beat year—and it is in its industrial design that Apple truly shines.

But Apple has never been one to out their phone designs early. They have a way of keeping leaks relatively low, even having reportedly resorted to calling on the local Chinese authorities to enforce their no-leak policies. However, that never stops the rumors from finding their way around the Internet—and this year has been no exception. We’ve heard rumors of large phones, of really large phones, of exotic materials being used, and of innovative new technologies being patented. Unfortunately, as to how Apple will be using a lot of these technologies is still fairly unclear, just as Apple prefers it.

However, rumors about the forthcoming iPhone 6 smartphones hit overdrive earlier this month when iPhone 6 dummy units began to leaked all over the Internet. As a disclaimer, dummy units aren’t tried-and true leaks—they are a compilation of rumors, leaks, educated guesses, and production materials. iPhone case manufacturers often use them to get the size, shape, and button placement of the phone correct so that a slew of cases are ready when the devices hit store shelves. And while that doesn’t ensure that it is one hundred percent accurate, it looks incredibly similar to alleged leaked concept photos from a couple of months ago.

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SOURCE: Luke Larsen 
Paste Magazine

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