In Broken Hill, Australia, Will Graham Shares the Hope and Love of Jesus During “Reality 2014”

Will Graham preaching at the Broken Hill event  (Photo: BGEA Australia)
Will Graham preaching at the Broken Hill event
(Photo: BGEA Australia)

In the Australian outback city of Broken Hill, Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, shared the hope and love of Jesus with nearly 600 people over two days during “Reality 2014.”

According to a news release, despite the city’s reputation as a tough, outback community, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association accepted the invitation to hold the event in Broken Hill, seeing the strong unity in the churches there as well as their commitment to prayer.

“We started off having a monthly prayer meeting, and then it went bi-weekly, and then it went weekly and now daily, and we’re getting 40-50 people at every prayer meeting,” said Pastor John Curtis of Broken Hill Church of Christ shortly before the event. “To have people from all the churches praying together, it’s creating a unity like there hasn’t been before.”

In the end, nearly 600 attended the two-day event. In a city where the average attendance on a Sunday is around 300 people, 58 came forward to make a spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ.

“God loves you so much that He sent Jesus to pay your debt. Jesus paid the price, so your relationship with Him can be restored,” said Graham in his message to the assembled crowd. “Tonight your life can change when you give it all over to God. Christ can change everything. He’ll give you a new beginning.”

In addition, a combined church service on Sunday morning exemplified the unity within the local churches, all of whom participated in “Reality 2014,” and finished with 200 people coming forward to indicate their commitment to sharing Christ with their friends and neighbors.

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Dan Wooding

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