Tullian Tchividjian Apologizes for His “Very Public Break-Up” with The Gospel Coalition

William Graham Tullian Tchividjian
William Graham Tullian Tchividjian

Update (May 30): Tullian Tchividjian apologized today for his “very public ‘break-up'” with The Gospel Coalition (TGC). “This conflict has ‘given the world the justification they’re looking for to disbelieve the gospel,'” he wrote, citing Francis Schaeffer’s warning on public divisions among Christians, “and I am sorry for my contribution to this conflict.”

Among the reflections shared by Tchividjian on his personal blog:

I said some things in haste, both publicly and privately, that I regret. I never want anything I say to be a distraction from the mind-blowing good news of the gospel and last week I did. I got in the way. When you feel the need to respond to criticism, it reveals how much you’ve built your identity on being right. I’m an idolater and that came out last week. Because Jesus won for you, you’re free to lose…and last week I fought to win. I’m sorry you had to see that. Lord have mercy…

Tchividjian also affirmed his friendship with TGC co-founder Tim Keller, and emphasized that TGC and his Liberate ministry are “on the same team” because “the harvest is ripe enough for well-meaning brothers and sisters to agree to disagree.”

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Jeremy Weber

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