Phil Robertson Preaches to Republicans in New Orleans; Says, ‘There’s One Race, the Human Race; You Have No Right to Color-Code Anybody’

Phil Robertson speaks at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans (Matthew Hinton/Advocate)
Phil Robertson speaks at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans (Matthew Hinton/Advocate)

Phil Robertson, star of the A&E network’s hit reality television series “Duck Dynasty,” came to New Orleans on Thursday preaching the Bible and the gun to a group of jubilant Republicans.

He had a few words for President Barack Obama as well. “We’re up against evil like I’ve never seen in my life,” he said. “I’m sitting there and I’m thinking, ‘What’s coming out of the White House?’ The only thing I can tell you folks is it’s just downright embarrassing.”

Robertson was catapulted into conservative politics last year after A&E briefly suspended him for making disparaging remarks about homosexuals and suggesting in a GQ magazine interview that blacks in the South were happy during the Jim Crow era.

But he offered no new grist for scandal in New Orleans on Thursday, quoting George Washington and John Adams to bolster his case that America is a Christian nation, but keeping well within the GOP tent in his views on the separation of church and state.

He even went out of his way to discourage racist attitudes. “There’s one race on this planet, and it’s called the human race,” he said. “Therefore you have no right to color-code anyone. We’re all the same family.”

At times, thunderous rhetoric gave way to a distinctly compassionate brand of conservatism. Addressing himself to GOP politicians, he said, “How about telling us, every once in a while, you love us?”

Robertson’s speech found an exuberant audience at the Republican Leadership Conference, a three-day gathering at the Hilton Riverside Hotel featuring some of the GOP’s biggest stars.

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