Now This Is Just Going a Bit Too Far – Bride Walks Down the Aisle Dragging Newborn Behind her on the Train of her Gown


In all the rachet hell that plays out daily in blogs, on TV and on social media, this is a moment that has left us truly speechless. A bride decided to have her newborn baby participate in her wedding in a very unique way – by literally dragging the baby behind her on the train of her bridal gown.

The Internet, of course, went HAM on this couple who shared the photo on social media. Sigh. Comments ranged from “Call DHS” to “This must be fake” to “What in the holy rachet hell” – well, that was our response. Hit page 2 for the pic and the couple’s response to the photo of their happy day going viral.

The couple, Shona Carter and Jonathan Brooks of Ripley, Tennessee were apparently surprised by the response to their baby-dragging antics so they took to, where else, Facebook, to write this post:

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Source: Black America Web |  

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