Mother Who Drove her Children Into Ocean Tells Judge, ‘I’m Back To My Normal Self’

Mother Who Drove her Children Into Ocean Tells Judge, 'I'm Back To My Normal Self'

As if…

I mean really, are the words “I’m back to my normal self” coming from a woman we only know as the mother who drove her three young children into the raging waters of the Atlantic ocean – reassuring?

C’mon lady, even Shakespeare would admit, thou asketh too much of us.

But it is what Ebony Wilkerson, who spoke publicly for the first time since her March 4 arrest, told the judge who, on Thursday, reduced her bond to $90,000 from $1.2 million.

His actions did not come without hard restrictions.

He told Wilkerson, who just gave birth to a boy two weeks ago,that she can have no contact with the children – not even her newborn son.

Ebony Wilkerson has been behind bars since that fateful day of her high-profile arrest; after good Samaritans rushed into the rough waters to rescue her and her children — ages 3, 9 and 10.

At a hearing on Thursday, she told the Volusia County court judge that she’s been taking her psychiatric medication and is “back to my normal self.”

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Source: EURWeb

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