Young People Are Leading the Civil Rights Movement Forward

Young People Are Leading the Civil Rights Movement Forward

Young people have always been leaders of change within the movement.  Despite being thought of as the unengaged generation, there are millennials who are changing that perception as they attempt to change laws and policies. 

Last year after the verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial, a group of Florida students called The Dream Defenders decided to hold a sit-in at the Florida capitol.  The purpose of the meeting was to demand a meeting with Governor Rick Scott to discuss the protection of young men of color among other issues.

It was something that caught the attention of so many people, not because this was action around civil rights issues, but because these were young people who many had decried as being shiftless and unengaged.  Yet, here were these young people who were organizing, strategizing and causing quite a stir, in addition to setting an example for other young people across the country.

Though they weren’t able to accomplish their intended goal, they were able to spark a conversation about young people and their role within the civil rights movement of today. Education in the State of New Jersey is in a state of crisis.  Students in several cities – largely the poorest and most troubled cities in the state — have been walking out, demanding more from the government relating to their education, and calling for justice in the school system.

I had the opportunity to spend time with the students in my hometown of Camden, NJ as they rallied in front of Camden’s City Hall.  It’s an awakening like nothing I’ve seen in the city before.

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Source: Black America Web | Janaye Ingram

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