Parents Who Can’t Remember…Teach!

Parents Who Can’t Remember…Teach

Parents learn to teach again quickly.

Inevitably it will happen: you WILL doubt your skills as a teacher. After all, most public school teachers have a thorough knowledge of their subject area – backed up by a degree and classroom experience. And you? You’re merely a parent whose last memory of algebraic equations may have swished out the door with that old pair of bright red parachute pants.

It’s probable that parents lose a bit of cognitive function while working in the trenches of early childhood, battling those dirty diapers, dealing with sporadic tantrums, and managing the mountains of housework families leave in their wake. But I can assure you – we have gained quite a bit in common sense, problem solving ability, and how to think fast in a pinch. Believe me—you’re ready!

Tip: Don’t underestimate your credentials as both a parent and teacher

It will certainly help to educate yourself on each subject to some degree BEFORE delving into a curriculum with your child. Remember that you don’t need ALL of the answers… just a solid head start and the resources to uncover an answer when the eventual questions arise. Let us help you get a leg up with these great resources!

Homeschool Worksheets

Worksheets are an excellent resource to help with identifying where your child might be weak – and where you are weak as well. They can help you to organize lessons, brush up on forgotten material/terminology, and they are cheap or free online!

Study Guides and Strategies

A website deserving of its own category! If you can think of it, there’s a whole guide to it found here. A wealth of valuable information in one location – use as a jumping off place for all your searches.

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