Nikki Woods Pays Tribute to Maya Angelou

NIkki Woods

Thank You Maya Angelou!

Today I posted on my FaceBook Page:

One of the most influential voices of our time is now singing amongst the angels.

RIP Dr. Maya Angelou … you spoke over my life when I was in 8th grade and made an indelible imprint in who I am and will become.

You will be missed but your legacy will live forever.

Most of us can point to that one moment in our lives when someone other than a parent or teacher gives us the validation we need to continue on our professional journey.

From as long as I can remember, writing and journaling has been my passion. It was something I did for myself with hopes of someday sharing my ideas with the world.

When I was in the eight grade, I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Maya Angelou and after a conversation with my English Lit teacher, she turned to me and said, “ You are a girl with something to say. I see it, and one day, everyone else will too.”

Fast forward about 20 years, during an interview with Dr. Angelou, I was able to thank her for being so kind to me but I’m not sure I could ever properly convey how her words motivated me when I felt like giving up and reminded me of my worthiness when I’ve been at my lowest.

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