Actor Terry Crews Details His Addiction to Pornography In New Book, “Manhood”, and How His Wife and Jesus Helped Him Overcome It

Actor Terry Crews

Actor Terry Crews, the new host of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and the star of every movie that Samuel L. Jackson isn’t in, has been married to his wife Rebecca for over 25 years. Like any couple married that long, they’ve been through their share of issues.

One of the major challenges to their relationship was Terry’s addiction to pornography, which he details in his new book Manhood. The Crews’ stopped by the Tom Joyner Morning Show to talk about how they weathered the threat to their relationship, whether Terry actually does turn any work down and the art of the pec pop.

TJMS: Do you turn anything down? And is it in your contract that you have to take your shirt off and do at least one pec pop?

Terry Crews: You don’t see all the stuff I turn down. And the pec pops must happen at least once, every performance. When they see the pec poppin’ at church, they say he’s got the Holy Ghost.

Sybil Wilkes: Rebecca, was it the pec pop that attracted you?

Rebecca Crews: He wasn’t my type when I met him, he was a nice little church boy trying to get next to the keyboardist and I was like, ‘He OK.’ He was just a sweetie. He was a nice young man came at me all proper and he won my heart.

Rebecca, when did you find out Terry was addicted to porn?

I will tell you that there will a couple of occasions in a 25 year marriage when I did catch him watching it and I did my good ol’ prayer girl, sister thing like ‘You going to see the pastor.’ You better get yourself together and of course he assured me that it wasn’t a big deal, it wasn’t frequent so he lied about the intensity of his addiction. Being a woman who believes in God believes in prayer, I was like Jesus can fix anything, so get your butt over there [to the pastor] so he just lied.

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