4-Year-Old Georgia Boy Calls 911 and Saves his Mother’s Life

4-Year-Old Georgia Boy Calls 911 and Saves his Mother's Life
A brave little Lee County boy is now being called a hero.  He calmly called 911 after his mother passed out. And with the help from dispatchers he was able to save the day.
Dispatcher: “Lee County 911.”
Jaden Howe: “My mommy is passed out and she can’t talk. She’s on the floor.”
4 year-old Jaden Howe didn’t know what was wrong with his mom. “I think she was really sad,” said Jaden.
But he knew she wasn’t responding and he needed help.
“I had given him a bath, put some clothes on him and then as I was walking out from his room in the hallway I was about to call my husband I fell,” said Juana Snell.
Snell says she passed out at their home Tuesday and that’s when her son sprung into action, calling 911.
“We’ve practiced. We went over the numbers and how to press the green button. Thank god he remembered,” said Snell.
Dispatcher: “What’s your address?”
Jaden: “Uh…what’s our address Mommy? Mommy!”
Little Jaden called from his mom’s cell phone, but couldn’t remember his address.
Dispatcher: “Do you know your neighbor?”
Jaden: “Yes.”
Dispatcher: “Is your Momma awake?”
Jaden: “No, she’s on the ground with her eyes closed and she can’t move.”
Source: WALB | Tara Herrschaft – bio | email

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