Yakinea Marie Was Living a Double Life Until She Began to Have Visions of Herself In Hell

Yakinea Marie

Yakinea Marie remembers her childhood. “In the home we would witness my mom on drugs. Friends would come over. We would witness them with the pipes. Different men spending the night over at the house,” she said.

Growing up in the projects, Yakinea Marie had nothing…and that’s the only life she knew. “I remember one time, my mom went to cook bread and when she cooked the bread there were roaches throughout the bread. So, we had to pick the roaches out of the bread in order to eat the bread, because that’s all we had to eat.”

“We grew up with no food in the refrigerator. Really, no clothes to wear….I remember having to wear her clothes and roll up the dresses and the skirts. Kids taunted us because my mom was on drugs, so I spent my childhood pretty much fighting,” she said.

Though she was still just a child, Yakinea tried to fend for herself but she was powerless against the violence that surrounded her. When she was 9-years-old, she was raped. “It made me hard. It made me angry. But I wouldn’t talk about it. I just tried not to register it. Then I don’t have to deal with the pain.”

Yakinea dreamed of seeing her mom drug free. She asked God for help. “I don’t know how that came about because we never went to church. I used to pray to God, a God I really didn’t know. I used to ask Him if he would take us away from my mom because I figured that if He would take her away, she would get off drugs.”

Yakinea says her prayer was answered. She was removed from her home and lived in a children’s shelter for several years. She was in high school when her mother got clean from drugs. She moved back in, but soon learned, some things hadn’t changed.

“I remember my mother would not come to any of my games. Waiting on her after school, taking hours to pick me up…Just little things like that added to the rejection and the disappointment.”

Yakinea started looking for love elsewhere, and became pregnant at 17-years-old. She graduated high school and started college. She was looking for ways to pay for school and provide for her son. That’s when a friend introduced her to exotic dancing.

“It’s amazing because although I despised what I did, I was driven by money. So I would despise going into the club. I would despise going into the shows. I would despise being in front of those men but after I counted the money at the end of the night it motivated me to do it again.”

She quit school and spent nights dancing in strip clubs and private parties. Yakinea also dated drug dealers who would give her an allowance, sometimes thousands of dollars a week. “Your own place, multiple cars, multiple bank accounts with thousands of dollars in it, shopping. It’s just all about the money. If you cannot pay a bill or if you cannot support me, I cannot be with you. So I was just really hard, really cold.”

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SOURCE: The 700 Club
Brandice Hudson

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