Larry Tomczak to President Obama: Have You Ever Received Correct Instruction In the Christian Faith?

President Obama
President Obama

President Lincoln believed the Civil War was God’s judgment on the United States of America. In calling for a National Day of Prayer and Fasting in 1863, he said, “Nations, like individuals, are subjected to punishments and divine chastisements,” as he called Americans to turn back to God.

After the war ended, leaders inaugurated a Memorial Day event. The threefold purpose was to honor the deceased servicemen, reflect on their sacrifice and look forward to rebirth as a nation.

Abraham Lincoln expressed his genuine conversion after he himself pondered the carnage and realized the tremendous toll Americans experienced because of our nation’s sins.

On the observance of this Memorial Day, which we celebrated yesterday and which traditionally marks the start of our summer season, I’d like to humbly ask a question of our president as we see his woeful leadership contributing to this nation’s decline. May President Obama’s hero speak to him from the grave to repent and begin exercising the courageous Christian leadership America needs before it’s too late.

President Obama, on this Memorial Day 2014, you and your fellow Americans paused to reflect on those who paid the ultimate price for the USA. Would you allow me to share with you that I and scores of others have serious doubts about your conversion and the authenticity of your Christianity?

I say up front that while I’m in disagreement with many of your policies and beliefs, I do love you and pray for you every single day. I affirm your God-given leadership gifting and your exemplary role as a husband and a father to your two lovely daughters. Yet I must be honest with you: I’m not sure you’re really a Christian.

Will you allow me to present my reasons and, if you’re not, to challenge you to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ at a time when America desperately needs your moral leadership? After political leader William Wilberforce was genuinely converted, he became the leader in the abolition of the slave trade in England that reverberated later to America. He brought about a righteous transformation, but it was accomplished after a true born-again experience that catapulted him to victory because of the blessing of God on his life.

Mr. President, as multitudes observe you, you seem to be under a heavy burden and striving to make things happen through the power of your own will, through clever obfuscation and through manipulation of the masses. The promises you made to the American people regarding keeping our health plans, keeping our doctors, saving us money and insuring more than 30 million people with free medical care without adding “one dime to the federal deficit” appear to be lies and deception to informed and perceptive Americans. The same goes for your statements on Benghazi and the VA plus the IRS scandals.

You told us this would be the most transparent administration ever. Is it? You assured us you would restore civility to political discourse. You talked of economic growth and recovery and stimulus packages that have delivered a paltry return on all our tax money. Something is terribly wrong, and as president, you must be held accountable.

One senior commentator stated, “Obama has told more whoppers than Burger King has sold!” Maybe this produces a laugh, but the tragedy is watching your credibility disintegrate daily while watching you squirm uncomfortably behind your podium. The majority don’t see you as trustworthy anymore, and this is a terrible reflection on your so-called Christian testimony.

But then again, maybe the label has been applied prematurely and God is using these events to bring you providentially to a place of desperation. Could the God who created you and gifted you in such incredible ways be orchestrating things to bring you to a newfound relationship with Himself?

A changed life is at the core of a genuine conversion experience. This is what separates the authentic from the counterfeit when so many Americans—some polls say 80 percent—profess to be Christian, yet something seems terribly amiss as we survey our society today. And with all due respect, that’s where I and countless others find ourselves sincerely questioning your stated spiritual identity of “I’m a Christian.”

Are you?

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Larry Tomczak

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