Red Lobster Hit with $1 Million Lawsuit Over Racist Receipt


Devin Barnes says he never wrote the n-word in the tip section of the $44.53 receipt, which last year went viral after the waitress posted it on Facebook.

A former customer at a Tennessee Red Lobster has hit the chain and a waitress with a $1 million lawsuit after he was accused last year of writing the n-word in the tip section of a $44.53 receipt, according to News 2.

In the suit filed Thursday at the Williamson County Court in Franklin, Tenn., Devin says that his reputation suffered harm after the waitress, Toni Christina Jenkins, posted the receipt bearing the unlawful release of his signature on her Facebook page last September, the report says.

“It’s still all over the Internet,” his mother Sallyann Barnes told the television news station. “It is still affecting his life and all of our lives.”

In an effort to prove his innocence, Barnes hired a handwriting expert who determined that the slur was not his writing, the report says.

Jenkins, who maintains that she did not write the slur either, received a groundswell of support after the incident, receiving more than $10,000 in donations. She reportedly used the money for college and gave some to her church, News 2 reports.

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