Christian Singer Mali Music Is Making his Major-Label Debut on June 17

Mali Music

It’s been a long road to the launch of Mali Music’s mainstream album, Mali Is …

The singer seemingly turned from revered underground artist to mainstream star overnight after his single “Beautiful” shot to No. 2 on the R&B charts in the wake of his March performance on American Idol, when he was introduced by judge Jennifer Lopez. But Mali had to sort through a lot of personal matters before he could complete the album it will be on.

“It’s been five or six years since the last album,” the 26-year-old artist told The Root. Of his major-label debut, which is set to be released June 17, he said, “The album itself didn’t take long at all to be created or produced, but I took a lot of time to be developed. So the … years in between weren’t for the album—they were for me,” he said.

Mali candidly recalled how he had to unlearn his insecurities and become more confident—something he has struggled with, largely because of his treatment at the hands of some in his religious community.

“I believe that’s what God was doing with me … what I had to deal with in the religious and church community … what I had to deal with in the South. No [one] wanted the special individual to compete with the glory of God,” he said, recalling how negative he used to be about himself and how intimidated he was during photo shoots, not wanting to seem puffed up. He eventually learned to shrug off those conflicted feelings through his faith. “Those things can’t collide anyway because of how astronomically phenomenal [God] is.”

Mali, who was born in Phoenix and whose birth name is Kortney Jamaal Pollard, grew up singing and playing the keyboard at his local church in Savannah, Ga., before a packed house. His talent was apparent, and aided by the digital audio workstation Pro Tools and computer that he got for his 15th birthday, the aspiring singer started recording songs. In 2008 he created a MySpace page and blossomed as a performer. He also gained an intense online following and was soon being booked across the country.

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