The Amazing Testimony of Fred Hammond and How a Long-time Fan Blessed his Life


Multiple Dove, Stellar and Grammy Award-winning gospel artist Fred Hammond, 53, is currently in the hospital recovering from a successful knee replacement surgery. The painful journey is being documented on Facebook as thousands of supporters follow along, sharing their love and support.

The story of how the expensive Jan. 3 procedure was gifted to Hammond by a top orthopedic surgeon is nothing short of amazing and is a powerful lesson in the power of love.

It all began more than two decades ago after Hammond’s famed group, Commissioned, disbanded and he ventured out as a solo artist. As a struggling independent act, he could not afford a team to handle his bookings, so he directed all calls to his small home and did the legwork himself.

In the wee hours of one morning, Hammond took a call from two teenagers—huge fans—who simply wanted to hear his voice, not knowing a seed was being planted for the future.

“I reminded them to keep the Lord first and continue to get good grades” and also, “do well in college,” he said of the brief friendly exchange with the two young strangers. “And they replied with respect [saying] yes sir thank you for talking to us minister Hammond, and that was the last time I talked to them.”

Little did Hammond know, he would cross paths with both of them again in February 2013 during a Washington, DC video shoot for his top-selling gospel group, The United Tenors.

One of the gentleman, now in his 40s, when he saw his favorite gospel star, expressed both joy and concern. He was happy to see Hammond, but worried about the singer, producer and composer’s limp. “I simply said I have really bad knees and I gotta get them fixed,” Hammond explained.

Then the story gets even more interesting.

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SOURCE: Lisa Sherwood
EEW Magazine News

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