God Is Not Mad at You for Making Sexual Mistakes

Toni Braxton with family
Toni Braxton with family

I was reading a story recently about R&B singer Toni Braxton and how she, for a long time, struggled with the guilt of her choice to abort her baby.

After she was married, when her second son Diezel was born autistic, she assumed it was God’s punishment for that secret abortion. For years, it haunted her.

You may have never aborted a child as Toni did (or you may have), but have you ever felt tremendously guilty about a sexual misstep.

Maybe you engaged in premarital sex, indulged in pornography, or got tied up in a same-sex dalliance for which you hold onto regret and shame. Somewhere, deep within, you wish you had never gone down that road and you hold onto the guilt of it all.

Sometimes, the enemy even tells you that God is angry with you and He is punishing you for what you did wrong.

But your history is not your destiny. What you did is not who you are. There is more to life. There is more to you.

As long as you have repented of your wrong—and by that I mean asked forgiveness and turned away from that sin—there is no need to hang onto any remorse.

What’s done is done. It cannot be undone, but God can and will wipe your slate clean, and wash you whiter than snow.

Too often, though, we view God through cloudy lenses. We project our negative past experiences with people and their criticism, judgment, and condemnation onto our loving Father and He’s nothing like man.

God is not sitting on His throne in heaven rehearsing every one of your slip-ups, mess-ups and hang-ups. You shouldn’t either.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Dianna Hobbs

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