Benham Brothers Tell of How They Started Their Own Business After Being Fired

David and Jason Benham (HGTV)
David and Jason Benham (HGTV)

When the tables have turned in life, we need to realize that God owns the tables. He always has a plan and it’s far greater than any plan we could ever come up with. It may be hard and painful to understand at the time, but God’s ways are always best. Remember the Israelites in Egypt – God turned the Egyptians against them so that they could fulfill their destiny. ”He turned their heart to hate His people, to deal craftily with His servants…” Ps 105:25.

Twelve years ago, before my brother & I started our real estate group, we worked for a large company that went through a horrific split. The split found us on the wrong side of the fence, so we got fired. Although we were heart broken and had no other jobs lined up, God used that to force us to start our own company. For two years we scratched & clawed to make enough money to feed our budding families, all-the-while building our little real estate company.

Well, the rest is pretty much history as God has blessed our little venture supernaturally, even to a point where HGTV offered to do a show based upon our real estate expertise. And how did that turn out? The exact same way our jobs turned out 12 years ago – we got fired! The tables turned once again.

God had already prepared us long ago for a situation just like this. All we need to do is remember that he owns the tables, and when they turn He is up to something good!

When the tables turn in your situation don’t try to flip them back to where they were, just let it play itself out. Recognize that God Himself is the One Who owns the tables. He’s got you right where He wants you!​

SOURCE: Benham Brothers

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