Toni Braxton Says She Thought Son’s Autism Was God’s Payback for Abortion

Toni Braxton with family
Toni Braxton with family

More than 10 years ago, when Toni Braxton discovered she was pregnant — by her then-boyfriend, soon to be husband Keri Lewis — the songbird was in the middle of a six-month prescription of Accutane, a heavy-duty prescription acne treatment which comes with serious side effects for fetuses.

She quickly decided to terminate the pregnancy, but in her new memoir “Unbreak My Heart” she admits that even if she hadn’t been on the medication, she would’ve made the same decision. According to Toni, her reasons had more to do with convenience than fear her baby would be abnormal.

The 46-year-old singer confesses that for weeks afterward she was wracked with guilt, the result of growing up in a fanatically religious home where she was not allowed to wear pants, would be forced to fast for two weeks a time during Lent and was forbidden to go to the movies. Homework was usually neglected because children at the church where her parents worshiped were obliged to memorize 26 scriptures a week.

That, combined with regular Bible classes, left little time for school studies. It was a deeply dysfunctional household where one rule applied, “Shut your mouth and suppress whatever you feel,” she writes.

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SOURCE: BlackMediaScoop

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