7 Warning Signs it’s Time to Change Jobs

7 Warning Signs it’s Time to Change Jobs

Just like the gauges on your car that warn you of overheating, low oil or engine problems, there are also “warning signs” that indicate it could be time to make a career or job change.  Do any of these seven signs describe you?

1.  You and your boss don’t get along and/or have personality clashes. Your boss can have a huge impact on how you feel about your work. Even if you love your job duties, if your boss is not a good fit for you the chances are you will be dissatisfied at work.

2.  You are depressed on Sundays. If you have anxiety during your time off or as a new work day approaches, your body may be telling you it is time to find a new position or career.

3.  You are worried about being fired. This could be a sign that either your job doesn’t fit you well, that there is an issue with your boss, or, that your company is trying to streamline and may be looking for ways to cut costs. If you frequently have anxiety about being fired, the increased stress makes it difficult to enjoy your work and do it well.

4.  You are not included on decision making. You used to be a key player in your department but now management doesn’t ask for your input. It may make sense to have a discussion with your boss about this or you may have already determined that is time to look for a new position.

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Source: Crosswalk | Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck, National Certified Career Counselors

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