Texas Gives 19-Year-Old 99 Years in Jail for Making Hash Oil Brownies

Texas Gives 19-Year-Old 99 Years in Jail for Making Hash Oil Brownies

How does a 19 year old with a clean rap sheet get sentenced to 99 years in prison?

Make a batch of pot brownies and you could be in the same boat.

What is usually considered a misdemeanor in Texas, it was the amount of has oil used in the baked goods that warrants a 99 year prison sentence. Apparently when Jacob Laverno decided to add the ingredient, it immediately raised the THC level in the brownies and is considered a first degree felony comparable to a murder charge.

The Vice reported:

Travis McDonald, the Williamson County prosecutor, said that the sentencing range is five to 99 years, or life in prison, the Associated Press reported. This is a harsher punishment than Texas hands out for sexual assault or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, just to put things in perspective.

And because the hashish is baked into the brownies, the entire treat counts as an illegal substance. Which basically means that if you throw sugar, butter, and cocoa powder into the mix you end up with a much heavier quantity of “drugs” — about 1.5 pounds, in Lavorno’s case.

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