Mason Betha’s Church Says It Has Not Banned Twyla Betha After DUI Arrest


A lot of people embrace the philosophy that if enough media outlets are reporting it, then it must be truth. But not so fast.

There is a story circulating that Pastor Mason Betha’s wife Twyla Betha has been banned from the church’s pulpit after a DUI arrest. But El Elyon International Church officials have released a statement to the contrary.

Disputing the story first published by TMZ, in a statement obtained by EEW Magazine, ministry leaders say, “The story that media outlets have released concerning the Betha family and the church are not accurate. MA$E nor the members of the church had any idea of any occurrence of an arrest or these charges taking place before today.”

According to TMZ First Lady Betha was busted for a DUI and pled guilty last month.

“Our hearts go out to the entire Betha family and church members,” the statement continues. “Twyla is not banned from our church and the doors of our church have and always will be open to those who desire to seek a closer relationship with God through Jesus Christ.”

Though there is no denial of the arrest, the church maintains that there has been no banning of anyone from the sanctuary.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine News
Bethany Harris

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