Cell Phones Can Cause Skin Irritations, New Study Finds

mobile phones

If you’re finding an unusual rash or swelling, itching or blistering on some parts of your face or hands, you may be allergic to your cell phone.

According to the London Telegraph, a new study finds that some of the metals in some cell phones can cause skin irritations.

Children and teenagers could be at higher risk because they may be more sensitive to one of those metals.

“The incidence of adolescents using mobile phones is on the rise, and nickel, a common metal allergen found in mobile phones, is the most common allergy found in patch-tested children,” said lead researcher Clare Richardson of Loma Lind University School of Medicine, California.

“With the increased use of smartphones, which include not only phone capabilities but also email, texting, Internet, and gaming functions, it is likely that greater numbers of young adults will develop mobile phone dermatitis,” she said.

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