Rams Coach Jeff Fisher says Michael Sam Documentary Would Not Be Good for Rams Locker Room

Jeff Fisher (Rob Foldy/USA TODAY Sports)
Jeff Fisher (Rob Foldy/USA TODAY Sports)

Just days after the St. Louis Rams selected Michael Sam in the NFL Draft, making Sam the first openly gay player to the drafted, Oprah’s OWN network announced that it would be producing a documentary series following Sam’s journey to the NFL.

After meeting with the Rams, however, OWN  postponed the series, in order to allow Sam to focus on making the roster. Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Monday that Oprah’s announcement blindsided the team.

Via the AP:

“I think the Oprah thing, it caught us off-guard. Whenever it takes place, I think it’ll be a positive piece.”

Fisher said it simply isn’t the right time for the team to invite cameras into the locker room.

“Not good for the locker room. Nor Mike to get involved at this point.”

The Rams are one of the teams eligible for HBO’s Hard Knocks series, as well, but Fisher says that it is “probably unlikely” that the Rams will be selected for the show.

USA Today: For the Win

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