Memorial Day Memories: 5 Trips to Have Fun and Remember the Meaning

Memorial Day

So your family finds itself with a three-day weekend coming up. You want to do something fun, but also feel like you should, you know, actually appreciate the significance of what the Memorial Day holiday really entails. Well, why not do both?

Our country’s National Park Service operates 29 National Memorials in locations all around our great land, many of which are not only near you, but near the kind of attractions the whole family can enjoy. Today we’ll take a look at five of these locations simply as a way to get your creative juices flowing. By no means do we intend to be exhaustive, nor does our exclusion of other memorials, historical sites, battlefields or cemeteries mean they aren’t equally worthy of a visit! Our goal here is to help you consider what’s nearby, what you want to “memorialize” this year, what lessons might be learned at each stop, and how else you might combine fun and reflection as a family!

Let’s journey from west to east today, and begin our tour in California…

Click here to see all the stops.

SOURCE: Crosswalk
Shawn McEvoy, Managing Editor,

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