ESPN President Takes Some of the Blame for Tim Tebow Backlash

John Skipper (
John Skipper (

ESPN President John Skipper has partially blamed his sports network for generating a Tim Tebow backlash against the outspoken Christian former NFL player.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Skipper acknowledged that ESPN took full advantage of the ratings juggernaut that was Tebow, 26, even when it began to disadvantage him as a person.

“We gave him a lot of attention. I’ve said before, we probably overdid it. And that makes people sort of suspicious of him. It’s not his fault. He is genuinely a very likable guy,” he said.

Skipper added that Tebow’s graciousness and openness to feedback also ingratiate him to people.

“He’s a very nice man. He says, ‘Yes.’ ‘How did I do?’ ‘How can I get better?’ and ‘Thank you.’ You can see why people like him,” he said.

Tebow is currently employed by ESPN and will call SEC games when the college football season kicks off in August. Skipper praised his new hire, adding that he shone during January’s BCS title game between Florida State and Auburn.

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