CDC Doctors say Inner City Youth Have ‘Hood Disease’

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

Do you live in the inner city? Is your life defined by high stress, malnourishment and random acts of violence?If you answered “yes,” you may be suffering from a dangerous new affliction: “Hood Disease” — or as it’s known when applied to white people and war veterans, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Seriously? CBS San Francisco aired the above report last week. In her segment, correspondent Wendy Tokuda tries explaining how inner city children are subjected to “repeated trauma” from living in “virtual war zones.”

“Unlike soldiers,” she said. “Children in the inner city never leave the combat zone.”

She described their plight through testimony from East Oakland public school teachers, who’ve noticed some troubling patterns in their students’ recent behavior:

“These cards that they’re suddenly wearing around their neck that say ‘rest in peace,'” teacher Jasmene Miranda told CBS. “Some kids are walking around with six of them. Laminated cards that are tributes to their slain friends.”

The facts: The concentration of violent crime in East Oakland is a special point of emphasis. According to the segment, the city’s public schools experienced 47 recorded lockdowns in 2013, while East Oakland neighborhoods accounted for two-thirds of the city’s murders, with 59.

This violence is wreaking psychological havoc on children: “It’s depression, it’s stress, it’s withdrawals, it’s denial,” said teacher Jaliza Collins.

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Source: | Zak Cheney-Rice

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