Brooklyn, New York Teenager Who Was Shot In Eye Delivers Anti-Gun Violence Speech

Brooklyn, New York Teenager Who Was Shot In Eye Delivers Anti-Gun Violence SpeechA New York City youth who was shot in his eye last month reacted, not with bitterness, but by giving a speech against gun violence Saturday, the New York Daily News reports.

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Addressing the Kings County Hospital’s community advisory board, Gama Droiville (pictured) said that “gun violence affects everyone more than they realize. Other kids like me need programs to help them.”

Droiville was with his aunt in the East Flatbush of Brooklyn on April 14 when a bullet struck him in his right eye. Twenty-one year old Kareem Potomont was arrested and charged in the shooting. He was reportedly aiming at a rival. Officials have charged him with attempted murder, reckless endangerment and assault.

Thirteen-year-old Droilville remains unable to see in his right eye. “Only God knows. For now, we’re just waiting,” his aunt, Marie Droiville, said Saturday about his condition. “He’s going to a specialist this week.”

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Source: News One | Hannington Dia

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